Welcome to the Official website of the Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Social Welfare, Probation & Child Care, Women’s Affairs and Council Affairs  of  North Western Province.



Healthily  and affluent people  of north western by the social and economic development.



Empowering the Health and Social development of the People in NWP through Maintain the Health conditions at Optimum level , Providing  Elder – Protection and Welfare, Protection of child – rights and Women improvement.




 ·         Maintain the western and western medical practice consolidating the right of equal medical facilities of the people of nwp.


·         Provision of qualitative medical service.

 ·         Campaigning in relief work for the needy people in NWP to minimize their risk.

 ·         Campaigning in the provision of protection and welfare for destitute children in the NWP, by developing their moral and mental condition to achieve the optimum level.

 ·         Organizing the women in effort with counseling and empowering them through their skills and potentials to contribute country’s development by family development economically socially.





·         Planning  implementation and evaluation of administrative development programmes  or the ministry of

 health, indigenous medicine, social welfare, probation & child care, women’s affairs and council          affairs  of  NWP.

·         Evaluation and promotion of  effiency of the institutions of the ministry.


·         Human resource management of the institutions under the ministry and itself.